Cool Idea for Downed Airplane

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    Okay so I'm sure most (if not all) of you know about the downed plane that is West of the Shooting Range and East of Zharki. Pretty much that downed plane is useless. It has no loot, and in my 600+ hours of the game, I have never had an end game fight there. That entire square kilometer of the map is completely unused except for end game engagements.

    My idea was to eliminate the crashed plane from the map altogether and make it spawn randomly throughout the map each round. The only caveat is that the plane DOES NOT show up on players maps. This downed plane could spawn anywhere (on stalber, outside of pochinki, on Mylta Beach, in the ruins, etc...) and with this spawn of the plane, it contains a care package or 2. Because no one knows where the downed plane will spawn, solo players or squads may stumble upon this downed plane and decide whether or not its worth looting.

    If the players loot the plane, they get high end gear loot, however they could be risking their lives because someone else could have already discovered the downed plane and be camping it.

    Imagine what a twist this could add to game if your squad is driving through the woods near the wood mill North or Mylta and one of your squadmates spots the downed plane. Is it worth checking it out for loot? Should you wait it out and see if anyone comes/goes? Should you just leave it be and keep on moving?

    Let me know what you guys think :)

    Edit: Maybe not have the plane spawn in completely randomly, but have the Devs make 10-20 pre-determined spawn points for the plane and have it randomly spawn at one of these points. Do this in order to prevent it from spawning in pochinki or something where it would mess up the map.

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