/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS is taking part in Extra Life 2017!

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    /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Team/Donation Link

    Extra Life is a well established charity for 'Children's Miracle Network Hospitals'. They aim to bring together gamers, streamers and communities from around the world to raise money for children that need it. Donations help fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care for 170 childrens hospitals across the US and Canada.

    The Extra Life upcoming event will happen on the 4th November. You can find more info here

    Our current goal is $5000 although I'm fairly certain that this community can reach this target.
    If you stream or just want to help the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Community team, then join our team and your total raised will go into the total of the team.

    So far we've raised a total of $652

    Hopefully we can organise some awesome Custom Games to span over the event time and raise lots of money for Extra Life. More info on what we will be doing soon™

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