#Unity3D #LowPoly Experiment

  • LowPoly - Experiments

    Hi Cloud,

    the last days i had ideas for a low-poly based game with the unity3d engine.

    The basic concept is a wolf (or another animal like a wolf ((fox etc.))) which walks through a low-poly based enviroment, searching for specific loot. Yeah, sounds strange cause i don't have any clue yet what the game is actually about. The main focus will be on different styled low-poly maps with glow-effects.

    Well i have no clue if this will work or will produce a playable game but i want to post any progress in this post to keep my original idea on track.

    Do you hvae any ideas to improve the sandbox-project? Please post them here so we can discuss them.

  • Different Layers while testing the low-poly system


  • The painted terrain converted to low-poly style


  • The Wolf with the first assets


  • Tech-Demo

    Working everything out for a complete tech-demo.
    Most important is a working mobile version, a good character a camera controller and a first version of the whole concept

  • Testing different enviroments with different textures