[Syco] Functions

  • This is the list of the current Syco functions.
    Every new or updated function will be posted here.



    Hello Syco starts conversations with names, feelings, news and much more

    • "hi"
    • "hey"
    • "hello"
    • "sers"
    • "good morning"
    • "good day"
    • "good evening"
    • "good afternoon"
    • "good night"
    • "good midnight"

    Current Time A simple time function

    • "current time"
    • "how late is it"
    • "time"
    • "what time is it"
    • "say the time"

    Current Date A simple date function

    • "which day do we have"
    • "date"
    • "say the current date"

    TimeZone Syco tells your timezone

    • "timezone"

    Day of Week Syco tells the day of the week

    • "calendar week"
    • "which calendar week do we have"

    World news Syco will read the world news

    • "the latest news"
    • "latest news"
    • "what happens on the world"
    • "current topics"

    Online Search Syco performs a online serach via google

    • "search for"
    • "google"
    • "find MyTechZone"

    Calculate Syco calculates simple math up to linear calculations

    • "calculate"
    • "calculate (2+2) * 5^3"
    • "what is the result of"

    Persons Ask Syco for any Persons

    • "who is"
    • "who is Angela Merkel"
    • "the man/woman is called"
    • "do you know"

    Define Syco explains a topic

    • "what is"
    • "what's"
    • "what means jellybean"
    • "explain me"

    Translate Translate a sentence from any language to any language

    • "Translate"
    • "Translate my text from english to german"

    Yes or No Syco helps you with random desitions

    • "yes or no"

    Weather Syco tells you the weather of any city

    • "weather in"
    • "weather in New York"
    • "weather in Heidelberg Germany"

    IP-Adress Syco tells you something about your or an specific ip

    • "lookup/check my ip"
    • "lookup/check ip"

    Parents of Syco knows the parents of famouse people

    • "parents of"
    • "parents of Bill Gates"

    Discovered by Syco knows who discovered something

    • "who discovered"
    • "who discovered Radium"

    Discovered by Syco knows what somepne discovered

    • "discovered by"
    • "discovered by Curie"

    Created by Syco knows the creations of someone

    • "created by"
    • "created by Google"

    Leader of Syco knows who leads something

    • "who leads"
    • "who leads Apple"
    • "leader of"

    Owned by Syco knows who owns something

    • "owned by"
    • "software owned by Microsoft"
    • "makes owned by Ford"

    Opening Hours Syco knows the opening hours of a many things

    • "opening status"
    • "open"
    • "opening status mc donalds in heidelberg germany"

    Show Video Syco shows videos (currently depricated)

    • "show video"
    • "show me the video halo trailer"
    • "do you know the video"

    Show Picture Syco shows pictures (currently depricated)

    • "show me the picture"
    • "find a picture of"
    • "show me a pictrue of"

    History Syco tells something about a specific year

    • "what happend"
    • "what happend in 1992"
    • "tell me about the year"
    • "tell me something about the year"

    Repeat Syco repeats the text (userfull with speachmodule) (currently depricated)

    • "repeat the following text"
    • "repeat following word"
    • "repeat following sentence"

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