[Syco] Changelog

  • This is the changelog thread for the Syco-Project


    Every update will be posted here and will be synced with the syco-ai.net website
    Try out every update at Syco's Chat

  • [Development] Push-Service implemented!

    • An experiment for the Android-App so Syco can push text and voice messages to the users

    [Added] IP-Look Function

    • Try 'Lookup my ip' or 'Lookup ip xx.xx.xx.xx'

    [Updated] New Changelog RSS-Feed
    [Updated] SpeedUp Syco-AI.net

  • [Updated] SycoSteam Bot is working again! http://steamcommunity.com/id/sycoki

    • Had some Problems with the UserDatabase

  • [Added] Websearch (serach/google/find X)

    • Ported from the old SycoBot

    [Updated] Formating WebVersions

    • An internal language for formating texts and links

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